How High Should a Pickleball Bounce

How High Should a Pickleball Bounce? (Quick Facts)

Pickleball is a game that is rapidly growing. It is played on a tennis or badminton court using a plastic ball and a paddle. Pickleball can either be played in singles or doubles. This sport has very simple rules and is very easy to learn, making it perfect for beginners. However, before you start with your game, you must learn how high should a pickleball bounce.

When playing pickleball, you should be aware that the ball is only allowed to bounce between 30 and 34 inches. This is the distance between the floor and the top of the pickleball. This rule will be applied after the ball is dropped 78 inches above the ground into a concrete surface. It is required that the ball has a hardness of 40 to 50 using a Durometer D scale. Furthermore, the hardness and the bounce of the pickleball can be affected by the temperature. So, tests should be done when the temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pickleball can be fun and is a great way of keeping yourself active. It can be played by all people of different ages and skill levels. Additionally, pickleball is also a social sport. In fact, many friendships are formed through this exciting game. But before you go out there and have fun, make new friends, and get active, there are some important things to know about the game. If you are interested in playing pickleball and want to know more about the ball designed for this sport, then keep on reading.

Here, we are going to discuss how pickleball balls differ from each other, what kind of ball is used by professional players, how these balls can lose their bounce, how high should a pickleball bounce, and if a tennis ball can be used for playing pickleball.

Is There a Difference in Pickleball Balls?

When it comes to pickleball balls, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. For instance, what is the proper size of a pickleball, how many holes should a pickleball have, and what is the material used in making a pickleball ball?

Typically, a pickleball ball has the same appearance as a Wiffle ball. The number of its holes is between 26 and 40. These holes should be spaced or designed so that it complements how they travel across the court. Smooth, durable materials are used for making these balls. 

Pickleball balls must be made only of one color. However, different pickleball brands use different colors. The weight of the ball should be between 0.78 and 0.935 ounces. Consequently, its diameter should be between 2.87 inches to 2.97 inches. You might find that some pickleball balls have a seam that completely seals the two halves together. However, this seam is allowed as long as it does not affect its travel characteristics.

What is the Difference Between Indoor Pickleball and Outdoor Pickleball

Do you know that the ball used for playing indoor pickleball and outdoor pickleball are not the same? Before getting into the details, it is important to understand the major difference between indoor pickleball and outdoor pickleball. Generally, in indoor pickleball, the game is played on a wooden surface, while in outdoor pickleball, the game is held on courts with harder surfaces such as concrete. Nevertheless, there are also indoor courts that have hard surfaces. Therefore, in some circumstances, indoor pickleball can also include games played on courts with hard surfaces.

However, one of the greatest differences between outdoor pickleball and indoor pickleball is the size and number of their holes. Typically, indoor pickleball has lesser holes compared to outdoor pickleball. But the holes that are found in indoor pickleball balls are much larger compared to those that are used in outdoor pickleball.

The reason why the holes of these two balls differ is that the various elements that can affect indoor play and outdoor play are different. In outdoor pickleball, you have to consider wind resistance and hard surfaces. While in indoor pickleball, you have to think about the wood or concrete surface and climate control.

What Ball Do Professional Pickleball Players Use

All the balls that are used for playing pickleball must have approval from USA Pickleball. Whether you prefer indoor pickleball or outdoor pickleball, be sure that the ball you use for the game is acceptable for both. Most players have a preferred ball for playing outdoor pickleball and another preferred ball for playing indoor pickleball. 

Furthermore, most pickleball pros or professional pickleball players use the Franklin X-40 pickleball or the Dura Fast 40 outdoor pickleball. The reason behind this is that most professional pickleball players choose to play outdoor pickleball, where the courts have hard surfaces, instead of playing indoor pickleball, where the game is played on a wooden surface.

Can You Use a Tennis Ball For Pickleball?

If you are an avid tennis fan, you are probably familiar with pickleball. However, if you have recently followed this sport, you might notice that the ball used in pickleball is made of plastic and includes several holes. This is contrary to a tennis ball which is made of rubber and does not have any holes. With that said, it makes you wonder, can a tennis ball be used for playing pickleball?

Unfortunately, the design and material used for a tennis ball may not be suitable for playing pickleball. A tennis ball bounces more than a pickleball ball and is much heavier. Also, a tennis ball is not designed to be as smooth or light as a pickleball ball.

The ball designed for playing pickleball is made of polymer plastic and has several holes. This ball cannot travel as far as a tennis ball because a pickleball court is much smaller than a tennis court. 

A tennis ball travels so fast, which is not appropriate for pickleball. Pickleball uses a smaller court as a result, a tennis ball can arrive at the players more quickly, which is unsuitable. Another reason why a tennis ball is inappropriate for playing pickleball is that a tennis ball tends to bounce higher than a pickleball ball.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the tennis ball, which is unsuitable for playing pickleball. If you use a tennis ball for playing pickleball, then this could possibly cause injuries to your wrist because of the tremendous impact on the paddle. Unlike a pickleball which is made of plastic, a tennis ball is heavier since it is made of rubber.

What are the Key Differences Between A Pickleball Ball And A Tennis Ball

A pickleball ball or a Wiffle ball is a small plastic ball with several holes and various colors. It is made from Polymer plastic. The ball will be filled with air through its holes, making it lighter as it travels. A pickleball ball does not bounce too high.     

A tennis ball is a small solid ball with a fluffy appearance and is only available in green color. It is made from rubber and is lined on the outside. Since it is heavier, the ball has more velocity and will travel straight to the player, making it inappropriate for pickleball. A tennis ball has a higher bounce which is more than the requirement for pickleball.

Based on the information we mentioned above, it is evident that a tennis ball is unsuitable for pickleball. Because of its weight, a tennis ball travels faster and far, which is more than what is required for pickleball. A tennis ball generates good bounce, but this is not what is needed for pickleball.

A pickleball ball has many holes in it, and the number and size of the holes will greatly depend on whether the ball will be used outdoors or indoors. The method is which a Wiffle ball is designed has something to do with the amount of air that goes in and out of the ball. Whereas a tennis ball is engineered differently, making it not suitable for pickleball.

Do Pickleballs Lose Their Bounce?

Just like tennis balls, pickleball balls can also wear out. Some players say that pickleball balls will lose their bounce after a few months, but others say that the bounce of their balls remains the same for two years. Sometimes, it will depend on how often you use the ball and how well you take care of it. If you don’t use it more often and it is well taken care of, its bounce will stay the same for a long time.


When playing pickleball, it is important that you should know the rules of the game, such as how high should a pickleball bounce. This can help you in making your game a success. The best way of making new friends is to play sports such as pickleball, so go out there and enjoy.

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