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Where to Stand in Pickleball Doubles

Where to Stand in Pickleball Doubles: Helpful Guide for Beginners

Players of pickleball doubles have different positionings. The server should stand behind the baseline and stays there or just nearby to hit the serve return. In contrast, the receiver will stand at the baseline or close to it so that he can return the serve. To return a shorter serve, the player must move forward.

What Is a Spike in Pickleball

What Is a Spike in Pickleball?

The spike in Pickleball (also known as a slam or smash) is technically called an overhead. Like a dunk in basketball or a spike in volleyball, the overhead is performed through a forceful hit. The ball is thrown as high as the player can reach, directed at a sharp downward angle, and back into the opponent’s court.

Apollo Pickleball Paddles Pickleball Equipment Guide

Apollo Pickleball Paddles: Pickleball Equipment Guide

If you are looking for both quality and affordability that is taken into consideration, then the Apollo pickleball paddle is the correct paddle for you. The manufacturers took great care in designing a beautiful product that embodies the characteristics essential to a quality paddle: strength, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Do Pickleball Referees Get Paid

Do Pickleball Referees Get Paid?

A pickleball match can be played with or without a referee. However, the growing popularity of the sport leads to greater demands for certified referees for official pickleball tournaments. Hence, many people wonder— can you really make a living out of being a pickleball referee?

Where Does the Server's Partner Stand in Pickleball

Where Does the Server’s Partner Stand in Pickleball?

Even if you have played pickleball for quite some time, you might find that you are still learning about the game’s strategies. For instance, where does the server’s partner stand in pickleball? Knowing about these little things is important since they can help you learn more about this popular game.