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Daniel is a lifelong recreational athlete who became intrigued and quickly fell in love with pickleball. He started playing in January 2021 and has enjoyed the game since. With his blog, Pickleball Database, he wants to share fun, informative, and exciting content about the highly-addictive sport and encourage others to embark on their pickleball journey.

Who Owns Engage Pickleball

Who Owns Engage Pickleball?

Engage Pickleball is the foremost pickleball organization in the United States, and its name is known and loved all over the world. Its founder Robert Elliott has been hands-on with the design of the products and overall operations of the company.

How to Convert Tennis Court to Pickleball Court

How to Convert Tennis Court to Pickleball Court

Since a pickleball court is much smaller than a tennis court, more courts can be created using the same space, allowing more players to play the sport at one time. The best and easiest way of converting a tennis court into a pickleball court is to simply lower the net to about 34 inches right in the middle.

Who Are the Top Pickleball Players in the World

Who Are the Top Pickleball Players in the World?

There is no age, gender, and length of experience required in playing pickleball. Since this sport is easy to understand and play, it is not shocking to know that more and more people, professional athletes included, are trying to be engaged with pickleball.

How to Choose the Perfect Pickleball Outfit

How to Choose the Perfect Pickleball Outfit

A rule of thumb when you choose the perfect Pickleball outfit is to dress to impress on the court while feeling the most comfortable you have felt while performing the high cardio workout. Clothing that is breathable while allowing movement is the ideal outfit on the court.

Different Pickleball Paddle Shapes

Different Pickleball Paddle Shapes (Complete Guide)

The top four pickleball paddle shapes are the elongated (thin) body shape which measures 16 ½ x 7 ¼ inches; the blade shape, which measures 17 x 6 ⅞ inches; the wide body shape, which measures 16 x 8 inches; and the classic paddle shape which measures 15 ¾ x 7 ⅞ inches.