Who Owns Engage Pickleball

Who Owns Engage Pickleball?

Dipping your toes into a new sport means getting yourself familiar with the ins and outs of the game. The best place to start is figuring out your equipment and finding out which brands are the most trusted in this line of sport. You cannot go wrong with a good brand, and Engage Sporting is one of the up-and-coming brands in the field of Pickleball.

Engage Pickleball is the foremost pickleball organization in the United States, and its name is known and loved all over the world. Its founder Robert Elliott has been hands-on with the design of the products and overall operations of the company.

Where Is Engage Pickleball Located?

Engage Pickleball is located in Oxford, Florida, but it reaches out with its product throughout the globe.

The aim of Engage Pickleball, as stated by its creator Robert Elliot, is to provide the most dependable and spectacular paddles and camps available on the market. In addition, they deploy teams around North America, Europe, and Asia to encourage the worldwide expansion of pickleball.

Where Are Engage Paddles Made?

In this day and age, people tend to trust companies that have a good track record, and although Engage Pickleball is relatively new, its products are made of quality materials that are trusted by the industry. While competitors of Engage Pickleball may use outsourcing to make their products Engage Pickleball only makes their products entirely in the United States.

Engage takes a great deal of pride in the quality of their paddles as well as the craftsmanship that goes into making them. Players who use paddles manufactured by Engage have a significant edge over competitors who use lower-quality paddles due to the inventiveness and originality of the engineers who designed and manufactured them.

Pickleball paddles manufactured by Engage are designed with both science and performance in mind. The manufacturer, situated in the United States, employs a process known as “applied physics” to guarantee that your paddle is built with premium materials, an outstanding design, and a wonderful feel.

All paddles are created in the United States of America and adhere to the rules established by the USA Paddle Association (USAPA). This ensures that most of the paddles on the market may be used in USAPA-sanctioned competitions.

A USAPA-approved paddle should pass the rules and regulations of quality check. It inspects paint, surface, materials, size, design, reflection, prohibited surface features, mechanical features, alterations, weight, model designation, and if the paddle is homemade, which is not allowed.

When you have a USAPA-approved Pickleball paddle in your hand, you know that it is a quality product, and that is exactly what Engage Pickleball paddles are made of. Suppose you do not trust us, then you better trust the experts in determining which are the winning paddles for your game. USAPA is a dedicated organization that will not let you down when picking out the right paddle for you.

Because the Paddles are made in the United States, online orders take less time to get to the customer. Only accessible to customers located inside the United States. It should take between five and seven business days for orders to arrive. Orders sent to Alaska and Hawaii will take three to five business days to process.

How Long Do Engage Pickleball Paddles Last?

The paddles may have a lengthy lifespan; however, this is directly proportional to how often they are used. Some people like to buy a new paddle every 6–8 months, while others prefer to do it once a year, and still, others prefer to wait up to and over three years.

Engage Pickleball paddles to come with a lifetime guarantee against faults in manufacturing and craftsmanship for the duration of the paddle’s life is a positive selling point for these paddles.

If the owner of a pickleball paddle registers their paddle, they are eligible for a guarantee that lasts for their whole lifespan. If you bought your pickleball paddle from one of the mentioned sporting websites (omegapickleball.com, engagepickleball.com, or engagesporting.com), where it is also sold, there is no need for you to register it.

You are required to register your Pickleball paddle if you purchased it from a legitimate seller or an Online Portal (such as Amazon) (To ensure that our guarantee covers your pickleball paddle, we request that you register it with the company first.).

You can register your paddle here:

Engage Registration Form

If, by chance, you will need to file your warranty claim, you can do that here:

Engage Sporting Warranty Claims

A lifetime warranty is not bad, considering an Engage Pickleball Paddle can range from $100 to $210. Think of your purchase as an investment to the betterment of your game and also a good deal nonetheless.

What Aspects of the Product Are Not Protected by the Warranty?

Although the Engage Pickleball paddles may have a lifetime warranty, there are still some factors that the company is not willing to cover; those are:

Typical deterioration due to usage, mistreatment, and disregard.

Not even the best brand of Pickleball paddles, like Engage, can combat the hands of time and prevent the aging process of their paddles. The warranty only covers the owner from factory defects that may be present in the paddle or quality that is not up to par with the company’s standard.

After-market adjustments to the paddle in any way.

I guess it is up to you if you want a more personalized paddle, but when you make those alterations, please keep in mind that the company is no longer responsible for restoring its original state.

Images gradually fade off.

Playing Pickleball can cause the paddle’s images to fade gradually, a sign that you have spent time and practice using the product. It will give the paddle a more seasoned look but does not warrant a claim.

Making contact with anything but the pickleball, like the floor or other pickleball paddles.

Sometimes, you slip up and cause damage to the paddle from a wrong swing or two; it happens. This is also not covered by the warranty because accidents happen, and it is out of the control of the brand. So keep this in mind the next time you go gung-ho.

Not getting your Engage from an official retailer.

Engage only honors official retailers of their product to ensure that it is not a bootleg product. This seems fair for the quality Engage has to provide its customers.

Having not been the first buyer.

Buying your secondhand Engage Pickleball Paddle from a flea market might have its advantage but not when it comes to warranty; it does not fare well. You might have already read from this article that you have to register your paddle for a lifetime warranty, and if the original owner did that, it will only apply to them and could not be carried over to the next owner. If you want a lifetime warranty, you are better off buying it from an official store.

This company not only makes great paddles but also gives back to the community by reinvesting 5% of its profits towards expanding the popularity of pickleball. Think about it: you are getting a bargain and helping spread Pickleball awareness.

These are just a few of the numerous reasons why their paddles are widely considered to be the finest pickleball paddles available.

What Are the Best Pickleball Camps?

Pickleball camps are an excellent opportunity for in-person instruction and training to enhance one’s pickleball abilities.

EngagePickleball programs are the most cost-effective option compared to other pickleball camps. Pickleball strategy, as well as exercises and mechanics to aid in your continued development as a player, are emphasized at EngagePickleball camps, ensuring that you leave the camp with a greater understanding of the sport than when you arrived.

Engage Pros may also be seen on the courts conducting three-day Engage Pickleball Camps during any given week. At these camps, players learn how to thrive via practice in level-specific groups, and they often have “aha” moments that can be instantly applied to their game.

If you’re looking for a 3-day pickleball camp, go no further than Engage Pickleball camp, where you’ll get 16 hours of instruction and a free Engage Pickleball paddle. The cancellation and refund policy offered by EngagePickleball is unparalleled.

EngagePickleball camps may be found all around the globe, including in the United States. Participating in a Pickleball camp where the emphasis is on a strategy that you can use immediately can enable you to improve your game (and the drills and mechanics you need to help you continue your growth)

The camp’s curriculum was developed by Robert Elliott, the creator of Engage Pickleball and the Global Director of Training for the International Foundation of Players Academy.

Different coaches have varied levels of experience in paddle and racket sports, including but not limited to tennis, badminton, racquetball, table tennis, and even neither. They’ll let you in on all their little secrets.

Wrapping Up

Engage Pickleball is a great company that can take your game to a different level from its excellent quality paddles to the camps they offer, you will certainly push yourself to the next level of engagement in the sport. Robert Elliot did a great job in building the company from the ground up and taking it where it is now today, a certified brand that is recognized by USAPA and trusted by professional athletes.

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