Can You Play Pickleball On A Badminton Court

Can You Play Pickleball on a Badminton Court?

More and more people are trying to enjoy pickleball as it becomes more popular. So, many are wondering— can you play pickleball on a badminton court?

Pickleball originated from the idea and gameplay of badminton. You can notice a lot of similarities between the badminton and pickleball courts. However, there are also some notable differences that you must consider.

If you’re playing just for recreational activities, you can play pickleball on a badminton court or in your backyard. However, if you’re playing professionally, then a badminton court is definitely not allowed for playing.

In this article, we will be comparing badminton and pickleball court, and let’s see if you can really enjoy playing pickleball on a badminton court.

Let’s get started!

What Type of Court Can Pickleball Be Played On?

Because pickleball is a relatively new sport, one of its main struggles is finding a court to play, but fortunately, you can actually play pickleball on several courts, like tennis, badminton, or even a basketball court.

Playing Pickleball on a Badminton Court

In terms of court size, pickleball courts, and badminton courts are the same. They both have a length of 44 feet and a width of 20 feet.

However, their lines are different from each other. Pickleball has a zone called the kitchen area. This measures 7 feet on both sides of the court. This area covers only 6.5-6.6 inches in badminton, which is 4 inches shorter than the kitchen.

Hence, you will need some tape and a marker to correspond to the same measurement. When it comes to the net size, both have the same length, but they differ when it comes to their height. In badminton, the net is 5 feet high, while in pickleball, the net is 34 inches high.

If you’re just having fun, these sizes will not really make that much of a difference. However, when it comes to official pickleball tournaments, these measurements are definitely required.

Playing Pickleball on a Tennis Court

Yes, you can play pickleball on a tennis court. Actually, you can have a total of 4 pickleball courts in just one tennis court. So, you can have 16 players playing pickleball at once. However, it will be ideal if you will only create two courts.

You just have to bring some materials to complete a pickleball court on a tennis court. These include tape measures, chalk, and painter’s tape. These are all temporary, so you don’t have to worry about permanent marks on the court.

From here, you just have to follow the pickleball court guidelines and measurements, and you’re good to go.

Is a Pickleball Court the Same Size as a Badminton Court?

As mentioned above, there are some similarities and differences between a pickleball court and a badminton court.

When it comes to the court dimensions, they are relatively the same. Both courts have a width and length of 44 feet and 20 feet, respectively. 

When it comes to the courts’ surface, badminton normally has a wooden or synthetic floor surface. In pickleball, any of the two will do, also. But pickleball’s most common surface type is asphalt or concrete.

You can also play pickleball on grass or clay surface. The best surface types for pickleball courts will be discussed later in this article.

Are Pickleball Lines the Same as Badminton?

The major difference lies with the net and service lines. The service line is placed 6.5 feet away from the center in badminton. Meanwhile, in pickleball, the service line is located 7 feet away from the center.

This zone is called the kitchen area in pickleball. This is also called the no-rally zone in the game. The rule is your body should not touch or land in that zone. When any of your body parts touch the kitchen area, it will be an automatic point of the opponent.

A 0.5 feet difference may look small, but it makes a significant difference when you’re playing pickleball. In fact, the non-volley zone, or kitchen zone, is among the factors that make pickleball an exciting game.

What Is the Best Surface to Play Pickleball On?

You can either play pickleball indoors or outdoors. And both of these locations can be played best on different types of surfaces.

For indoor pickleball courts, a pro-cushion surface is an ideal surface type. Meanwhile, for outdoor pickleball courts, you can choose between a tennis court, clay, asphalt, concrete, grass, or pro-cushion as well.

Let’s discuss each surface type to help you decide which type will suit you best.

Indoor Pickleball Court

For an indoor pickleball court, the most ideal is the pro-cushion surface built by a contractor. This mat is installed on a flat surface, creating a cushion for players to avoid excessive impact on their knees, ankles, and other body parts.

When it comes to cushioning, there are different shock absorption levels that you can choose from. Some can even absorb 32% of the shock while playing.

This is where the contractor plays an important role. Here, you can tell your contractor how deep the cushioning should be according to your preference.

Pro-cushion surface allows you to have a court where the ball can have a good bounce while protecting your body parts from impacts.

Outdoor Pickleball Court

For outdoor pickleball playing court, you can have different options to choose from. We have already discussed playing on a tennis court. This time, we will tackle all other surface options you can try.


Acrylotex is a type of surface applied on concrete or asphalt. There are different grip levels that you can choose from while using acrylotex. For a pickleball, you want a good tight grip for use.


Plexiflor is another type of surface you can use over concrete or asphalt. This offers a smoother coating and is proven to last in all weather types.

Using plexiflor has several advantages. First, it minimizes the surface glare that you frequently experience while playing. Moreover, it preserves the concrete well. Also, plexiflor allows the ball to bounce smoothly making the game more consistent.

Aside from this, plexiflor contains a silica sand that enables a good grip while playing. And ultimately, choosing pexiflor is more environmentally friendly as it has low VOC contents.

If you are experienced, you can actually apply plexiflor on your own. Using acrylotex or pexiflor is a good option if you are not going to the rubber-type surface way.

Grass Surface

Yes, pickleball can be played on a grass surface. However, you need to have a lot of maintenance to do. You must always ensure that it is leveled so it won’t affect your play.

You also must play consistently on a grass surface to maintain good condition. You can also find yourself mowing and leveling it occasionally, as it can be subject to weather types.

Typically, because it’s very hard to maintain, only a few players opt to play on a grass surface.

Clay Surface

Like grass, playing pickleball on a clay surface is not recommended. It is very hard to maintain, and your movements can be affected.

If there’s a clay tennis court around your area, playing on it can be easier since it has been leveled and played on consistently.

However, if you opt to play in your clay backyard, you must level it first properly so you can enjoy playing. You must also play on it regularly, making it easier to maintain.

Final Thoughts

To enjoy playing pickleball, a proper court is always necessary. However, you will not normally encounter a pickleball around your area. So, you just have to find several options to enjoy the game.

One of the best options that you can try is playing on a badminton court. It is the most similar to a pickleball court in terms of size. For lines, you can bring some marker and tape to temporarily create your own pickleball court.

You can also play pickleball on a tennis court. As mentioned, you can actually create four pickleball courts in just one tennis court. But, it can be best enjoyed if you will only create two so you won’t be overcrowded. 

You can also play pickleball on different types of surfaces. You can choose to play indoors and have a pro-cushion surface installed by a contractor. For playing outdoors, you can choose acrylotex, plexiflor, grass surface, or even clay surface.

Any court will already do if you just want to have some fun and play pickleball. You just have to have some materials, recreate the court into a standard pickleball court, and you’re already good to go. 

However, playing professional pickleball requires an official pickleball court. All the measurements and lines should be the official court guidelines. 

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