Can You Use a Badminton Net for Pickleball

Can You Use a Badminton Net for Pickleball? (Explained)

Pickleball is quite popular not only in the United States but also in other countries. That is why more and more courts keep on appearing everywhere. But what if the best you can find is a tennis or badminton court? So, can you use a badminton net for pickleball?

It is important to consider that a short net is used for playing tennis and pickleball, while a high net is used for playing badminton. Hence, if you are trying to use a badminton net for playing pickleball, then it is essential that you have to lower it a bit. Also, the net used for pickleball is even shorter than the tennis one.

If you are in this situation wherein you want to play pickleball but do not have the appropriate court, then you need to improvise. The following are some tips that can help you in making it work.

How Big is a Pickleball Net?

Keep in mind that the dimensions that are discussed here are based on the USPA. There might be some differences in the dimensions if you are playing a casual game or residing in other countries. Although it is very rare since the same rules are used by most pickleball courts.

Generally, a pickleball court has a width of 20 feet. The net must be spread throughout the entire width. Hence, most pickleball nets have a width of about 22 feet. In this way, there is a small margin for error.

The distance of the net from the ground to the top must be 36 inches, and it should be measured at the sides. This is because there is some leniency if you use the distance in the middle. Furthermore, the net should not go down below 34 inches in the middle of the court.

Leniency occurs when the net is stretched about 20 feet; naturally, it will dive at the center. To avoid a dip in the middle, the net should be tied tightly, but it is possible that it could get destroyed.

What are the Dimensions of a Badminton Net?

Even though a pickleball net is not the same as a badminton net, its courts are almost the same. The badminton court for doubles has a standard width of 20 feet, so the dimension of the net should be anywhere that width.

Based on the Olympics regulations, the height of the badminton net at the sides is 61 inches from the ground. Again, it is important to consider that the net will dive naturally at the center. Hence, according to the rules, the net’s height at the center should be 59.8 inches.

Can a Badminton Net be Used for Pickleball?

So, with the difference in height from the ground, can you use a badminton net for pickleball? Remember that not all badminton nets are created equal. Also, there is a difference between an indoor court and an outdoor court. Considering these factors, there are several ways that a badminton net can be customized to be used in pickleball.

In some instances, you might want to flip the entire net. However, this could cause problems if two extended poles are installed above the net. Nevertheless, you have to remind yourself that you are improvising.

If the net is tied to solid poles, you could try untying it and lowering it. If it is possible that you can have a height of 34 inches from the floor, then you are on the right track. Nevertheless, if it is much lower, then it’s still fine. In fact, it is much better than making it too high, particularly if it is as high as the badminton nets regulation permits. Keep in mind that if you are using a public court, then be sure to ask permission before adjusting the poles or the nets.

Is a Pickleball Net The Same as a Badminton Net?

The most obvious difference between a pickleball net and a badminton net is the distance of the net from the floor to the top. By removing some strands, you will find that the difference is no longer apparent. 

So, would you use a badminton net when playing pickleball? You should use the appropriate equipment if you are serious about your pickleball game. On the other hand, if you do not have access to the proper court for pickleball, then it’s ok to improvise some things, such as using a badminton net instead of a pickleball net. But remember that there are always some consequences, including the following:

  • You might not be able to entirely enjoy the game if you are not using the proper equipment when playing pickleball.
  • If you are playing on an appropriate court, then you might not be able to perform well with the regulation equipment since you are getting used to using the non-regulation equipment.
  • You can easily get used to using improvised equipment.

A proper pickleball court usually has a good net. But unfortunately, not everyone can access a proper pickleball court. If you need to, then you can use a badminton court and net when practicing. However, you should seek a good pickleball court every now and then so you can’t get used to using a badminton court and net.

Where Should You Buy A Pickleball Net?

Although the popularity of pickleball is continuously growing in the United States, not all sports stores are selling the proper equipment. But there is no need to worry since you can always purchase them online. In fact, you can even enjoy the best deals for excellent pickleball nets from various online stores.

After buying your own pickleball net, you can visit your local tennis court and create an improvised pickleball court by using some tape. 

Is The Size of a Pickleball Court The Same as a Badminton Court?

Aside from being fun and enjoyable, playing pickleball also benefits your health. Having this in mind, it is important to identify the boundaries of these sports games so you can actually get into the swing of things. After watching the games, most people think that badminton courts are the same as pickleball courts, particularly when it comes to their size. So, do badminton courts have the same size as pickleball courts?

The dimension of a pickleball court is 20 x 44 feet. Incidentally, it has the same dimension as a doubles badminton court. Although both of these courts have the same size, you can play singles or doubles on a pickleball court. A pickleball and a badminton court are similar but with two exceptions. First, in badminton, there is a no-service line of 6.5 feet starting from the net, while in pickleball, there is a no-volley zone of seven feet from the net. Considering this, let’s take a closer look at the similarities between badminton and pickleball.

Pickleball, just as competitive as badminton, has become one of the latest sports to develop rapidly in the United States. Compared to badminton, a Wiffle ball is used for playing pickleball rather than a shuttlecock. Pickleball is most likely a combination of badminton, ping-pong, and tennis. But before hitting the ball with your paddle, you should allow it to bounce.

But when it comes to the court dimensions, badminton and pickleball have a lot of similarities.

Badminton Court Size

Badminton courts usually have rectangular surfaces. The boundary widths between singles and doubles games differ. Consequently, a badminton net is placed in the middle of the court. Badminton courts must be covered with efficient flooring materials such as rubber, synthetic, and wood to keep the players safe while playing the game.

Usually, badminton courts are 44 inches long, but single courts measure 17 feet, while double courts measure 20 feet and have 1.5 inches allowance on the two sides. There is a central line in the middle that divides the court. Additionally, the distance between the service courts and the net is 6.5 feet, also known as the short service line. In doubles games, a 2.5 feet long service line from the back boundary is required. Surrounding the entire badminton court is a clearance of two feet which is a requirement.

Pickleball Court Size

Pickleball courts for both singles and doubles usually measure 20 x 44 feet. The fact is, the size of the entire court is just the same as in badminton. It is recommended that there should be enough space outside the sidelines and at the end so players can properly move while setting up the court.

Therefore, it is ideal to have a measurement of 24 x 54 feet for the entire court, including the out-of-bounds areas. If possible, then the maximum space of the court should be 30 x 60 feet to allow players to perform better.


Is it a good idea to use a badminton net when playing pickleball? This is quite tricky. If you cannot access a proper court, you have to purchase a pickleball net, get some tape, and set up your own court wherever it will be.

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