How to Set up a Pickleball Net

How to Set up a Pickleball Net (Easy Step-By-Step Guide)

The good news is it’s pretty straightforward to set up a pickleball net. Whether you want to convert a tennis court into a pickleball court or set up a home court, it is something you can easily do. Here’s how to set up a pickleball net.

You have two options in setting up a pickleball net. You can either lower a tennis net or use a portable pickleball net. If you want to use a portable net, setting up the net will likely depend on the product you purchase. Fortunately, most portable pickleball nets include easy-to-follow instructions. After you have done a few setups, you will probably not need them anymore. Lowering a tennis net is pretty much easy as well.

If you are crazy about pickleball, you will most likely buy your own pickleball net. Continue reading to learn how easy it is to set up a pickleball net. 

How Big is a Pickleball Court?

Whether you are playing singles or doubles, you will use a pickleball court with the same dimension. Here are the measurements from the outside of the lines. For temporary markings on the court, you can use a 2-inch wide court tape, and for permanent lines, you can mark them with paint. 

The official standard size of a pickleball court is 20 feet from one sideline to the other and 44 feet from one baseline to the other. There is a seven-foot kitchen or non-volley zone on every side of the net. So this means that the distance from the baseline to the non-volley zone line is now 15 feet. There is a centerline that divides this area into two. The purpose of the centerline is to indicate the left and right service areas on the two sides.

An out-of-bounds area is essential so players can move around the court and ensure their safety. Although this is not actually indicated in the official pickleball regulations, however, this is needed to have an efficient and safe game. The minimum playing surface area should be at least 54 X 24 feet. Nevertheless, some players need more space so they can move around freely. Therefore, it is ideal that the total measurement of your court size should be 64 x 34 feet.

Consequently, if your shot is within the distance of 22 feet on each side of the net, it is considered to be in. The front area, which is near the net of each side, is marked as the kitchen or the non-volley zone line. You are not allowed to step into this seven-foot area during or after volleying a shot. And when you serve, make sure that it goes beyond the non-volley zone line.

A service box measures 15 x 20 feet behind this area. Take note that there are two service boxes, one on the left and one on the right. A line separates these boxes from the non-volley zone line to the baseline. During each serve, the player must alternate their position from one side to the other.

How Long Should Pickleball Nets Be?

The length of a pickleball net is 22 feet, while its width is 36 inches. Since there is a 2-inch sag in the center of the court, its height now becomes 34 inches. The pickleball net is attached by a 24-inch-tall post on the two sides. You should install the net at the center of a pickleball court that measures 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.

The net plays an important role in playing pickleball. Hence, it must meet the regulatory standards set by the sports organization. The regulation standards include the proper height and width of the pickleball net. The height of the pickleball net at the sides is 36 inches. and 34 inches in the middle.

Can You Use Tennis Net For Pickleball?

Absolutely! A tennis net can also be used for playing pickleball. Those who are playing pickleball for the first time are playing pickleball on a tennis court using a tennis net. A tennis net can work perfectly; all you have to do is adjust the height. From 36 inches, you have to lower it down to 34 inches in the center. You can use the center strap of the tennis net to adjust. The following are the simple steps that you can follow in adjusting a tennis net for pickleball. If you are using a public court, then it is important that you have to follow the rules of the facility.

Ask Permission 

Be respectful and always try to ask permission before making any adjustments. This is very common using a local park or tennis court. Also, you should inform them about the adjustments you will make and assure them that you will return them after playing. You should also promise that there won’t be any damage to the net. 

Is The Tennis Net Adjustable?

Most tennis net includes a center strap that runs down from the center of the net. Usually, it is a nylon strip with hard plastic at the center, which can be adjusted to the right or left. If you can slide the strap to either side of the post using the strap, then your tennis net is adjustable. If your tennis net does not have this strap, you can always find them online.  

Typically, tennis nets also include net straps for adjusting the tension and height at the center. These are usually found in the center of the net and hooked to the ground. Keep in mind that some nets can be more easily adjusted than others when it comes to the sidelines and the side posts. Some tennis net posts can be adjusted using a turnable knob or lever. To reduce and increase the tension and raise or lower the net, you have to rotate the mechanism. 

Put Some Markings on the Boundary Lines

So, what does marking the boundary lines have to do with adjusting the tennis net? You can’t get any precise measurements without doing so. This is because a pickleball court’s boundaries are much shorter than a tennis court. Additionally, the required heights of pickleball nets are different than tennis nets. In pickleball, it should have a height of 36 inches at the sides and 34 inches in the center. While in tennis, the required height is 42 inches at the posts and 36 inches in the center.

Therefore, you should not measure the net at the posts; instead, you should do it at the sidelines of your pickleball court, where you mark the lines.

How Do You Set Up Nets for Pickleball?

The distance between the two pickleball net posts is about 22 feet and 4 inches. Are pickleball nets the same as tennis nets? No, tennis nets are wider compared to pickleball nets. Generally, tennis nets are 42 feet, while pickleball nets are only 21 feet and 9 inches wide. In addition, tennis nets use larger supporting posts compared to pickleball nets. 

The following are simple steps in assembling a pickleball net:

  • First, you have to assemble the base frame. Start from one side, work your way to the other side, and proceed to the fitting sections. Most products include an easy to follow instructions on how to do this.
  • Insert one end post into one end base.
  • Adjust the net so that the center strap faces the ring in the support base.
  • Insert the net sleeve into the vertical end post. Do the same on the other end post and the other net sleeve.
  • Expand the net towards the other end post. Then, slowly embed the vertical end post into the end base. Avoid using too much pressure in inserting the post into the end base.
  • Tighten the center strap.
  • When positioning the net sleeve, adjust the strap approximately a half inch right below the bottom of the end post. Do this at each end. As a result, you will have a height of 36 inches at the sides.
  • Furthermore, you can use Velcro straps to stretch the headband. Ensure the adjustment is just enough to get rid of the sagging.

Should You Use a Permanent Pickleball Net or a Portable Pickleball Net?

If you require a pickleball net, the most practical option is the portable one. You can easily carry them around and even leave them in your vehicle to ensure you always bring your net whenever you need it. Some players prefer a permanent pickleball net because it is more durable.


Whether you are building your own pickleball court or converting a tennis court into a pickleball court, you must know how to set up a pickleball net. After installing your net, you can get your paddle and ball and start playing this latest sports craze!

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