How to Convert Tennis Court to Pickleball Court

How to Convert Tennis Court to Pickleball Court

If you have unused tennis courts, you might want to transform them into pickleball courts. Pickleball is a popular and fun game that can be played on a badminton court by lowering the net to 34 inches. This sport is played using a plastic ball with holes, the same as a Wiffle ball, and a wooden or composite paddle larger than a table tennis paddle.

Pickleball is very easy to learn and can be played outdoors or indoors. It is great for beginners and experienced players. Aside from being fun, pickleball is also a friendly game and social in nature. The reason why a lot of people love this game is that tennis courts can be used for pickleball. Here’s how to convert tennis court to pickleball court.

Since a pickleball court is much smaller than a tennis court, more courts can be created using the same space, allowing more players to play the sport simultaneously. The best and easiest way of converting a tennis court into a pickleball court is to lower the net to about 34 inches right in the middle. 

Read on to learn more about how it is done and what factors to consider. Learn how you can properly convert your tennis court into a pickleball court. Whether you require one or four courts, you can quickly transform one tennis court into several pickleball courts in no time! 

Can a Tennis Court be Used for Pickleball?

Absolutely! Have you seen some people using their tennis court to play pickleball? Tennis courts provide players with more options if they want to practice or play pickleball. This is much better than waiting until you can access a pickleball court before you can have fun!

Obviously, there is no harm if you use a tennis court to play pickleball. Transforming your tennis court into a pickleball court can be done easily as long as you have the proper equipment. However, keep in mind that a tennis court has a bigger space than a pickleball court. So, how can you play pickleball on a tennis court? Well, all you have to do is put some markings on the required measurements.

Surprisingly, a tennis court can be converted into four pickleball courts. In other words, eight to16 players on a tennis court will play pickleball simultaneously. However, you can create two pickleball courts on a tennis court to prevent a clumsy game. This way, you can simultaneously have some fun with your seven friends or family members!

Factors to Consider When Transforming a Tennis Court to Pickleball Court

If you want to transform a tennis court into a pickleball court, then some important things should be considered. First, converting the court will likely involve taping or painting the lines of a typical tennis court to indicate the boundaries of the pickleball court. Next, you will have to set up a pickleball net. The net should be installed in such a way that the center has a similar height to the tennis net and ensure that it has a dimension of 7 feet wide and 36 feet long. Then, you must decide how to lay out your pickleball court. You could convert the whole tennis court, or you can convert a smaller portion to create a smaller court. 

The required amount of tape or paint needed for the conversion will differ depending on the size of the converted court. Creating two pickleball courts on a tennis court will require you to allocate six to eight feet of the outside lines of a typical tennis court. This can help in determining where you should place the pickleball boundary markings.

On the other hand, if you want to use one whole length and one-half of the court for your converted pickleball court, these are approximately 21 feet apart. Between every line marking, you will require about ten feet. For instance, if the distance between every line is six feet when dividing a tennis court into four parts, you will need 14 feet between each side of your conversion.

How Many Pickleball Courts Can You Fit on a Tennis Court?

Actually, there is no definitive answer to this since it will likely depend on the layout and size of the tennis court. A typical tennis court can likely accommodate four standard pickleball courts, provided that it has the required size of 60 x 120 feet and the corners are square. In addition, there should be a lot of space around the court’s perimeter so players can move around freely. Each pickleball court must have a playing area of 20 x 44 feet, with an overall size of 30 x 60 feet. Just imagine a tennis court with a standard size cut in half at the center. Each half of the tennis court can accommodate two pickleball courts.

In case the dimension of the tennis court is less than 60 feet, most likely, you can only create three pickleball courts on it. Also, if the space around the perimeter of the court is only limited, then it is essential that you have to lessen the size of your pickleball courts. Ultimately, anything can be possible. You can convert one half of the court or create four pickleball courts. This will depend on how much space you have and the layout you prefer.

Due to the limited pickleball courts available, the best solution is to convert tennis courts into pickleball courts. Typically, conversions can take up about half of the tennis court. However, this will likely depend on the tennis court’s layout, the players’ required space, and the pickleball net. If you want to create four pickleball courts in a tennis court, you will likely need to convert the whole tennis court.

How Do You Tape a Tennis Court for Pickleball?

When using a tennis court for pickleball games, it is important to mark them with some lines. Remember that if you are building several pickleball courts, you will have to create more lines. If you are converting a typical tennis court, you can easily build two pickleball courts without changing the line markings of the tennis court. You can create as many as four pickleball courts on a tennis court. However, you also have to consider that it can make the space crowded, and there will not be enough space between the courts.

Most often, tennis courts come in pairs, hence, if you have two tennis courts, you can have six pickleball courts. When you are repurposing your tennis courts, it is important that you have to mark some lines on the courts specifically designed for pickleball. Although a standard two tennis courts can accommodate at least eight lined pickleball courts, players can feel more comfortable if you replace them with six pickleball courts. Six pickleball and two tennis courts are ideal since they provide more waiting area space. Don’t forget that senior players also require some shaded area where they can rest.

Things You Need For Marking Lines    

For Temporary Lines

  • Although you can mark the courts by yourself, it would be great to have some extra hand.
  • Pencil marker or chalk.
  • A 50-foot tape measure and a 25-foot tape measure.
  • For every pickleball court, you will need several rolls of green Frog Tape, approximately 200 feet.

For Permanent Lines

  • You will need one to two days of sunshine.
  • You might need somebody to help you with this, although it’s possible that you can do the markings yourself.
  • Each court requires 400 feet of green Frog Tape for creating line stencils.
  • A drop cloth, brush, and other painting materials.
  • Pencil marker or chalk.
  • A line paint.
  • A 50-foot tape measure and a 25-foot tape measure.

When making markings on a multi-purpose court, the job can be done easier by working from the court’s existing lines. For instance, if you are converting a tennis court into pickleball courts, then you can use the existing tennis service line as a line marker for the non-volley zone line.

How Much Does It Cost to Turn a Tennis Court Into a Pickleball Court?

Building pickleball courts on a tennis court will cost you less than creating a pickleball court from scratch. Although four pickleball courts can fit into one tennis court, it is recommended that you should only build two. Since you already have perimeter fencing and hard surface, you can save a lot of money on these costs. However, if you want to add a new surface, this will be an additional cost. That is why it is difficult to make a quote; however, building pickleball courts on tennis courts is actually very inexpensive. You will probably need a net, markers, and net posts, costing you around USD 15,000 or more.


After knowing how to convert a tennis court to pickleball, do you think it is worth it? You don’t have to do any conversion if you have access to a pickleball court. On the other hand, if you don’t have access to pickleball courts nearby, it makes sense to convert a tennis court into a pickleball court.

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