The Top 10 Best Pickleball Players To Know

The Top 10 Best Pickleball Players To Know

Pickleball is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. Many players have mastered the gameplay, rising to the top of the world in terms of abilities and skills.

In this article, we’ll get to know the top 10 best pickleball players in both the men’s and women’s categories. We’ll talk about their achievements, skill set, and more.

Let’s start with the world’s top-rated pickleball players.

Who Is The Top-Rated Pickleball Player?

In this section, we will present the top-rated players for the men’s and women’s categories. The rating will be based on how well they performed in the world rankings and their overall contribution to the sport.

Let’s first discuss the Top 10 players in the men’s classification.

Who Is The Best Male Pickleball Player?

1. Zane Navratil

With more than 80 championship wins in his belt, Zane Navratil is considered one of the top players in pickleball history.

He is known for his very strong court sense and fast reflexes. This makes him a very frustrating opponent to compete with for many pickleball players.

Zane Navratil is currently ranked as the world’s number 1pickleball player, with a total score of 14,500.

2. JW Johnson

At a very young age, JW Johnson has already proven to be a strong pickleball contender.

With multiple triple crowns in his career, JW’s growth in the pickleball sport has been tremendous. This shows that he excels in the men’s, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles categories.

With his amazing career feats, he is currently the world’s second-best pickleball player, with 13,100 points.

3. Tyson McGuffin

Tyson McGuffin is another player who had a strong career start in tennis. He was only introduced to the pickleball sport by one of his friends last 2015.

After having enough basics about the sport, he already won gold in the men’s division of the Coeur d’Alene Classic. This opened him to several sponsorships, making him more drawn to the sport.

Since then, Tyler has won prestigious competitions in pickleball history. Some pickleball fans would even name him the best player to play the sport.

Today, he is currently the world’s number 3 player with 9565 points.

4. Ben Johns

When Ben Johns reached the age of 20, he had already accomplished much in the sport. Not only did he become the first seated player in the PPA Tour in the past, but also the Pickleball World Ranking’s number 4 player.

Before Ben Johns started playing pickleball, he first played tennis. When he was in his senior year, he decided to switch to pickleball. And since 2017, when he triumphed at the US Open, he became an established force to reckon with in pickleball history.

He already has his signature paddle and has been part of major sponsors, such as Franklin Sports and Joola Pickleball.

5. Frank Anthony Davis

Frank Anthony Davis is one of the fast-rising stars in the pickleball sport. In fact, he was able to climb up from his mid-twenty rank to being the 3rd best player in the world in 2020.

He is now touring the country to play the sport. His great wins in the Atlantic Region’s tournaments have paved the way for him to be the top seed.

He is recently using his signature HUDEF FAD paddle in playing pickleball.

6. Collin Johns

Collin Johns has been a double men’s category phenomenon, as he played alongside his brother Ben Johns.

At the young age of 26, he has already accomplished a 22-11 record and is currently the World’s number 4 ranked pickleball player in 2020.

He and his brother, John, won several big tournaments and have been a huge threat in the double category of the sport.

7. Jay Devilliers

If you have ever heard of the “Flying Frenchman” in the world of pickleball, then that’s Jay Devilliers.

He got this nickname due to his breathtaking moves and classic French charm. He has also played several sports aside from pickleball and has accomplished great things in soccer and tennis.

He also is the number 7 player in the world and has played against the world’s elite players, like Johns.

8. Riley Newman

Before joining the pickleball club, Riley Newman was a star player in basketball and tennis.

Since he started playing pickleball, he has become a strong contender in the sport. He is currently the World’s number 6 player, with 13 wins and 6 losses record.

In playing the sport, he also frequently competes in the mixed doubles category alongside his sibling, Lindsey Newman.

9. Dylan Frazier

Dylan Frazier has been among the best players in pickleball gameplay since he was 20 years old. Dylan Frazier is the world’s number 9 pickleball player, with 3303.

He continues to play competitively and is now gearing towards improving his pickleball world’s ranking.

10. Kyle Yates

Kyle Yates is a fan favorite in the pickleball arena. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and has won several championship titles on his belt.

In 2020, he already won 6 US Open titles, making him the world’s top 10 pickleball player at that time.

Who Is The Best Female Pickleball Player?

1. Anna Leigh Waters

Anna Leigh Waters has proven she is the face of the women’s pickleball arena. At such a young age, she has already won various competitions.

Aside from pickleball, Anna Leigh Waters also excels in different sports, such as tennis and soccer. Currently, she is the world’s ranked 1 female player in pickleball, with 14,800 points in her name.

2. Catherine Parenteau

Catherine Parenteau currently ranks as the number 2 female pickleball player. Since she started playing last 2016, Catherine has been a top-notch player of the sport.

She is also popular in the doubles category, playing alongside another world-best player, Callie Smith.

3. Lea Jansen

Lea Jansen is the world’s top 3 female pickleball player today. At the age of 29, Jansen had already established her name in the sport and is currently regarded as one of the most competitive players.

The young native of Washington only joined the pro league last year and has won various big tournaments since then.

4. Irina Tereschenko

Irina Tereschenko is already a seasoned veteran when it comes to racket sports. She has played 20 years of her life inside the court. 

Tereschenko is currently the number 4 female pickleball player in the world, with 6449 points.

5. Jorja Johnson

Can you imagine a 15-year-old lady can ace the pickleball court? Well, there’s Jorja Johnson. At such a young age, Johnson has already joined pro leagues and earned herself 19 gold victories.

She is the younger sibling of JW Johnson. She is currently the world’s 5th-ranked female pickleball player, with 6381 points.

6. Callie Smith

Starting to be a pickleball pro player in 2019, Callie Smith has been one of the most competitive players in the women’s and doubles categories. She has been part of the best 5 players in the world rankings in almost all of her categories.

She is known to play alongside Catherine in the doubles category. Currently, she is seated as the world’s number 6 best female pickleball player.

7. Parriss Todd

Parriss Todd is known to be a fashion model outside the pickleball court. However, this does not stop her from showing amazing athletic prowess in the sport. She even defeated Leigh Waters, the mother of Anna Leigh Waters.

She is currently ranked as the world’s number 8 female pickleball player.

8. Jessie Irvine

Before diving into the pickleball gameplay last 2018, Jessie Irvine was first known as a courtside reporter. She has made a name for herself as she aced the doubles division, playing alongside Parenteau.

9. Leigh Waters

Leigh Waters is the mother of Anna Leigh Waters, the world’s number-one player. Together with her daughter, they formed a strong, competitive duo in various national tournaments.

Leigh Waters is known for her good decision-making skills and power inside the court.

10. Simone Jardim

Simone Jardim dominated the women’s world rankings from 2016 to 2020, raking to be the world’s best. She is one of the most decorated and skilled players in pickleball history.

She once coached a tennis team but had to stop because of her huge feat in the pickleball court.

Who Is The Best Senior Pickleball Player?

According to the Professional Pickleball Association, here is the ranking for the best senior pickleball player:

Men’s Division

1Paul Olin2415
2Mircea Morariu2200
3Scott Moore2000
4Dan Granot660
5Scott Fliegelman400

Women’s Division

1Cammy MacGregor500
2Jennifer Dawson400
3Sydni Shellton300

Final Thoughts

Pickleball has produced legendary players who have inspired others to strive to be the best in the sport. Some began at a young age, while others dedicated years of their lives to get to where they are now.

These players have worked hard to earn their reputations, inspiring many aspiring pickleball athletes to help shape a more competitive sport around the world.

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