Pickleball Outfits for Ladies

Pickleball Outfits for Ladies – Women’s Pickleball Apparel

On every occasion, one has to wear a corresponding appropriate attire. The same goes for pickleball and other sports, especially when there’s a competition. If you’re looking for ideas and suggestions for pickleball outfits for ladies, you’ve come to the right place.

Female pickleball players have the option to wear any of the following during their matches: Dresses, skirts, leggings, shorts, skirts, skorts, tank tops, and short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts.

This article will guide you with the proper apparel to choose if you’re a female pickleball player.

Does Pickleball Have a Dress Code?

Simply put, pickleball does not require a dress code during matches. However, it would be best if you were wise in choosing the sportswear you should wear during a game.

What to Consider in Choosing What to Wear for a Pickleball Match?

You need to consider several factors before choosing your pickleball attire for a game. A player must make a wise decision for their clothing because it will determine one’s performance on the court. Here are some areas to be considered for your best pickleball outfit:

  • Fabric: This is more based on your preference in clothing – not just in sportswear but with other outfits in general. How comfortable are you with a specific fabric or two on your skin? Do you feel itchy or uncomfortable with this fabric? Knowing the best fabric for you can help you perform better during your tournament.
  • Comfort or ease of movement: The most important factor to consider here is your comfort when playing. Since pickleball is an active sport and requires a lot of movement, the player’s comfort and ease of movement should be stressed more when choosing the right attire for the court. A pickleball player should pick the right sportswear to give him or her more space to move.
  • Current weather condition: The current weather condition during the day of the match will also help the player choose the best attire for the game. If it’s too hot, you should wear clothes that have more breathable fabric, while if it’s cold, your attire should give you extra protection from the cold.
  • Color: There is no formal rule when it comes to pickleball attire’s color. You can wear anything you like and what you’re in the mood for the day. You can wear your favorite color to lift your spirits for the tournament, or if you believe in lucky colors, you can choose those as well. There’s no limit! Just make sure that the attire itself is appropriate for a match.
  • Protection: Consider also how your chosen attire can protect you from different hazards like the weather, especially when the match day is warm. You may consider giving extra protection for your skin with your pickleball clothes during the game.
  • The overall look: You can definitely make extra efforts to present yourself more stylishly, even for a match! If you’re up to having a mix of your outfit, as long as it looks appropriate for a sporting event, then you’re good to go.

Kinds of Clothing We Can Recommend for a Pickleball Match

With the guide above, we’re also listing some outfit recommendations you can wear during tournaments. See our top picks for you below.

The Tops

We recommend the following kinds of tops for female pickleball players:

  • Short sleeve shirts or tees
  • Tank tops
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Sports bras

These are the ones that are appropriate for matches, and at the same time, they are comfortable to wear during a game. The kind of top you’ll decide to wear on the tournament day may depend on the weather condition, so it’s best to have these options all the time.

Another tip is to ensure that these tops are made of material or fabric that is friendly for an athlete’s activeness. There are fabrics specifically made and used for sports tournaments so they can dry easily (since pickleball is an active sport and players sweat a lot when on the court). The fabrics in sportswear can be different from those used in everyday clothing, so regular clothes are not advisable to be worn in games.

The Bottoms

You can mix and match the bottoms you’ll wear with your chosen tops. Here are the kinds of bottoms we recommend for a pickleball game.

  • Skirts: Usually, tennis skirts are the recommended ones for this.
  • Shorts: Make sure that the shorts you’ll be wearing will make you feel comfortable with yourself and the game.
  • Long shorts: Long shorts are just normal shorts, but their length goes straight above the knee.
  • Skorts: Skorts are basically just skirts with shorts inside. Wearing a pair of these may provide better leg and thigh movements.
  • Leggings: Leggings are very comfortable to wear for female players. You have to know which is the right pair of leggings for you.
  • Pants: Some pickleball players also like wearing pants, specifically during the colder days.

Make sure that whatever you choose from this selection will give you more room to run, walk faster, and catch the ball during the game. Choosing the right bottom can also significantly affect how well you can serve the ball when in action.


Dresses are also popular selections when it comes to pickleball attire. Sports dresses are created with fabrics that give comfort and space to move. The best-recommended kind of dresses for pickleball tournaments are tennis dresses. Not only is it spacious, but it is also absolutely stylish to wear, even during athletic events.

Other Accessories

These accessories can provide extra protection for your skin, eyes, and hands during a game:

  • Hats or visors: These can help protect the eyes from the sun and also protect the face from the harsh rays of sunlight.
  • Gloves: Pickleball matches may take a longer time to complete. With this scenario, a pair of gloves may be the best help you need to secure your grip with your paddle. Your gloves can also act as the barrier between your sweaty hands (since pickleball is a sweaty sport) and your paddle so the equipment won’t slip from your fingers.
  • Eye protection: There is the danger of the ball hitting your face so wearing eye protection is also advised.

Can You Wear Leggings to Play Pickleball?

Yes! Leggings are one of the recommended pieces of clothing for female pickleball players. It is a smart move to wear a pair of leggings during a match because it can give more comfort and space for the athlete while playing pickleball. It is most advisable to wear yoga leggings in a tournament because of how comfortable they feel on your skin. This kind of leggings also gives a person ease of movement, which is needed in court while in action.

What Shoes Do You Wear for Pickleball?

Of course, your complete get-up won’t be complete without shoes. Choosing the right shoes to wear in a pickleball watch is one of the most important things you must prepare for in this event. With the best pair of shoes, your movements during the game will be smoother and faster.

Some shoes are best for the sport, made exclusively for pickleball games. Total Pickleball points out that pickleball shoes are better than running shoes because they are made specifically for many movements. Pickleball shoes are also stronger and durable to last more matches on outdoor courts. Knowing the texture of the surface where the court is can also help you get the best performance for your match.

Can You Wear a Yellow Shirt in Pickleball?

Technically, yes. The formal rules state that pickleball players can wear any color of shirt or clothing during a match. No rule forbids a specific color or two for pickleball attire. However, remain mindful of the colors you’re planning to wear when in a tournament, especially when the colors are similar or close to the ball’s color, which can distract you or your opponent. Be ready also if you insist on wearing a yellow shirt or a neon-colored piece of clothing for a game – your opponent might protest or ask you to change what you’re wearing because of their worry about distraction.

Final Thoughts

Pickleball is a flexible game of many sorts, fashion included. If you are a female pickleball player struggling to find the right apparel for your next match, this list is for you. It’s good to know that there are no restrictions in this game when it comes to what the player is wearing. This flexibility can make the players express themselves and their styles as well, even while in the game.

There are loads of options to choose from in women’s pickleball apparel. It’s nice to dress up for a pickleball match sometimes or even every time one has a match. Accessories may be the part that people do not usually give attention to, but they play rather relevant roles in making a player successful on the court. From tank tops to skorts to dresses, shoes, and even accessories, your choices are just out there, waiting for you.

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