Pickleball Trivia

Pickleball Trivia: Fun Facts to Know About Pickleball

With its bizarre name and increasing fanatics, pickleball has experienced a remarkable boom during the past few years, extending its influence from retirement facilities to public spaces all over the country. In fact, this sport even attracts famous basketball player LeBron James to purchase his own pro pickleball team. But what exactly is pickleball?

This sport is similar to other paddle sports and can be played in singles or doubles. Players will use a paddle to hit the ball and ensure it crosses the net to secure some points.

This pickleball trivia can help you learn more about this fun and exciting sport. Whether you are already familiar with pickleball, this sport has an intriguing history and, more interestingly, a speedy rise to popularity. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready with your paddles and expand your knowledge of this latest sports craze with these fun facts about the people’s favorite paddle sport.

Do you know that three dads discovered pickleball in 1965? Although it is named pickleball, it does not have any connection with the actual pickles. People commonly play this sport over 60 years old.

Did you know that pickleball is not new? It has existed for more than half a century. Are you surprised to know about this information? If so, then brace yourself because there’s more to come.

What are Some Fun Facts About Pickleball?

  • In 1965, three dads from Bainbridge Island discovered pickleball. Their main goal in introducing the game was to entertain their kids. Founders Bill Bell, Joel Pritchard, and Barney McCallum use the items lying around their house as the equipment for the game. The game’s rules are taken from table tennis, badminton, and tennis. As a result, their families enjoy a fun new exciting game.
  • Despite having the name pickleball, it has nothing to do with the real pickles. But rather, this sport is actually named after Joel Pritchard’s dog, Pickles, who loved chasing the ball while they were playing the game.
  • Throughout the years, this game’s popularity keeps growing, especially among adults. 68% of whom are over 60 years old.
  • This sport is popular among men and women, with 47% female and 53% male players.
  • The United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA) is the governing body of pickleball. This organization is responsible for regulating the professional games of pickleball.
  • Due to the popularity of pickleball all over the world, the International Federation of Pickleball was created to regulate the sport in countries such as Spain, Great Britain, France, Canada, and the United States.   
  • In 1967, the first pickleball court was constructed. 
  • Because of its increasing popularity, pickleball is now offered in high and grade schools.
  • Just like tennis, pickleball involves both singles and doubles. They even have rules permitting teams to include wheelchaired and standing players and play against each other.
  • According to a survey by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, over 2.5 million residents in the United States are playing pickleball as of 2016.
  • Pickleball is a hybrid of three sports – badminton, tennis, and ping pong. Both ping pong courts and pickleball courts have the same measurements. However, there is a slight difference between the net and service lines. The net height also varies. The pickleball paddles also have some resemblance to the ping pong paddles. However, there are some similarities in their objectives. 
  • “Picklers” is the term used to describe those die-hard pickleball fanatics. Servers often shout the word “Pickle” so everyone knows they are about to serve. Getting “pickled” occurs when your team does not get any points which are quite embarrassing.

Why is Pickleball the Fastest Growing Sport?

A combination of ping-pong, badminton, and tennis, pickleball was invented in 1965, and its popularity suddenly skyrocketed over the past few years. Perhaps it’s partly because of the pandemic’s need for socially distanced outdoor activities. This sport has captivated almost everyone, from seniors to teenagers. Pickleball is considered the fastest-growing sport across the country, with more than five million players and still counting. 

Billionaire Bill Gates thinks that pickleball is so popular because it is easy to play and learn. Anyone can play with just a paddle and a ball, from the young to the old ones. Furthermore, Gates believes that the best part about this sport is that it is super fun. He even plays this sport with his family and friends. 

Dave Fleming, a senior pickleball professional, plays pickleball with his family since this is the only sport the entire family can join, from his kids to his parents.

Why is Pickleball So Addictive?

Some players think pickleball is addictive because it’s rare that you can get the same shot twice. It is always a different angle, speed, and height. It is good exercise and at the same time, you can have some fun. 

Pickleball is ideal for those people who love to play competitive games. You can easily learn the game and be competitive. Unlike other sports, kids can quickly learn this sport and be competitive. Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, and George Clooney, among others, are also getting obsessed with pickleball. 

A Unique Game

Based on psychology, it’s only natural for humans to get addicted to unique and weird things. Compared to tennis, this sport is played using a  paddle and a Wiffle ball; isn’t it weird enough? How about its name, “pickleball,” which sounds so appealing. If you are unfamiliar with the game and discover that somebody is playing this, then perhaps you might say, “What is pickleball?”

Easy to Learn and Play

If you want to have fun in your free time, you probably prefer something easy to understand. Nowadays, most people have a busy schedule, and you wouldn’t want to get stressed when relaxing. Regarding pickleball, it only takes a few days to learn, and you can have a better game, unlike tennis which requires two to three months before you can play competitively.


It is human nature that people can easily get addicted and attracted to something cheap. When playing pickleball, you don’t need to spend a lot. In fact, you only have to spend about $25 to $60, and you can have a set of paddles, including a couple of balls. It is a relatively inexpensive sport, and you can instantly start playing in parks and your driveway. Also, paid pickleball tournaments have fair prices.

Not a Physically Demanding Sport

This sport can be played by anyone, regardless of the level of their physical condition. Compared to other sports, pickleball is not as physically demanding, specifically when played as doubles. Most likely, you won’t feel any fatigue the next day and will feel excited about playing again.  

A Sport For All Ages

Pickleball is a game that people of all ages can play. It does not matter whether you are 5 or 95. This game can be considered a fun exercise, especially for older people. This sport uses a smaller court so players can easily coordinate their movements, steps, and eyes simultaneously. That is why it is not surprising that people of all ages are getting addicted to this sport. All family members can play together.

What State is Pickleball Most Popular?

Although it is unofficial, Florida claims they are the Pickleball Capital of the World. Naples, Florida, celebrates the annual Minto U.S. Open Pickleball Championship and has a growing community of pickleball players. At the Naples Pickleball Center, you can find at least 60 well-maintained courts. Besides, this city is also home to several public and private pickleball courts, enticing every community member to participate in this sport. All over Florida, there are over 10,000 pickleball players. Most cities are building public courts in local parks to keep up with the demand.

No matter how you look at it, pickleball is becoming more popular. Partly, it’s because most tennis players have moved to pickleball, and most idle tennis courts are now converted into pickleball courts.

There are different ways of ranking popularity. You could base it on the number of courts for playing, active players, and other metrics. Based on court density by population, Seattle, Washington, is on the top rank. This does not come as a surprise since pickleball originally started on Bainbridge Island.


This pickleball trivia only proves that this game is the greatest sport ever. Did you enjoy these fun facts about pickleball? If you haven’t played pickleball yet, then it’s time to go out there and enjoy the game!

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