What Are Orange Pickleball Balls

What Are Orange Pickleball Balls? (Explained)

Pickleball balls are available in a variety of colors. Orange pickleball balls are the most popular and widely used. To avoid confusion, outdoor balls are predominantly orange, whereas indoor balls are predominantly yellow.

However, an orange indoor pickleball ball and a yellow outdoor pickleball ball can be seen. This is because the USAPA does not recommend any particular pickleball ball color. Any color is acceptable for the game as long as the players can clearly see the ball while it is in play.

In this article, we will dive deeper into pickleball ball facts. Learn which pickleball ball is the most suited for you and your gameplay.

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What Are The Two Types Of Pickleball Balls?

Before we start discussing the colors of a pickleball ball, let’s first tackle its two types. Generally, there’s an indoor pickleball ball and an outdoor pickleball ball. These two have different characteristics due to the environment they are played in.

Indoor pickleball balls are smaller and lighter than outdoor pickleball balls. It only weighs 0.8 ounces, making it ideal for indoor group play.

The holes in outdoor pickleball balls are larger. These holes are also made smaller to avoid being easily deflected by the wind. They usually have 40 small holes.

To better guide you, here is a table that shows the difference between the two:

CharacteristicsIndoor Pickleball BallsOutdoor Pickleball Balls
WeightIndoor balls generally have a lighter weight.Outdoor balls weigh heavier.
HardnessIndoor balls are softer.Outdoor balls are harder.
Number of holes2640
ControlYou can control indoor balls easier.Outdoor balls can be harder to control.
NoiseIndoor balls have very minimal noise.Outdoor balls are generally louder.
SpinUsing spin in indoor pickleball balls is easier to do.Using spin in outdoor pickleball balls is harder to do.
Where can you use it?Both indoors and outdoorsOutdoors only

Are There Any Official Rules With Regards To Pickleball Balls?

Yes, the USAPA official rule book contains specific regulations when it comes to the pickleball balls to be used. The said pickleball ball shall not only meet these requirements but also be included in a list prepared by the USAPA, which they update regularly.

The official pickleball ball rules are the following:

  • The ball must be in uniform color (except the ball’s logo). It should also be manufactured using a smooth molded material.
  • The ball must have a diameter that ranges from 2.87” to 2.97”.
  • The balls’ out-of-round variance should not exceed +/- 0.02”
  • The weight of the ball should be between 0.78 ounces and 0.935 ounces
  • When dropped from a 78” height, the ball must bounce 30-34”
  • The ball must possess a hardness level of 40-50 when measured using a Durometer D scale.
  • Depending on the ball type, the ball must have 26-40 holes.
  • The colors of the pickleball balls may vary.

What Colors Are Pickleballs?

Typically, pickleball balls come in orange, yellow, and white colors. Some brands manufacture different neon versions of pickleball balls today. Darker colors are much preferred if you’re playing inside a gym because of clearer visibility.

When it comes to tournaments, the most common pickleball color is bright yellow. This is because this color gives the players a better vision of the ball. Furthermore, playing outside means that the light can vary from time to time. Utilizing colors like bright yellow will also help to counteract this effect.

Following these colors is a wise choice if you’re trying to decide which color to utilize when playing. But remember that there are still other things to take into account. For instance, you might want a color that contrasts with the prominent ones in the area where you will be playing.

Does The Color Of The Pickleball Make A Difference?

Some players overlook the importance of choosing a pickleball ball color wisely. It may seem like a small detail, but it can also greatly affect your gaming experience.

For example, if you’re playing outdoors, the sunlight changes direction from time to time. Hence, if you play with a dark-colored pickleball ball, your vision of the ball will not be that great, rather than using a bright-colored one.

Also, you must consider the color of your court markings. If the color of your court’s surface is blue, and you used a color blue pickleball— chances are you will just be totally confused all throughout the game.

Hence, incorporating contrast in picking your pickleball ball’s color is just necessary as other considerations. And yes, the color does make a great difference!

How Long Is The Lifespan Of Pickleball Balls?

Numerous factors affect the pickleball ball’s longevity. These factors include the brand, temperature, playing surface, and even the players’ preferred style of play.

Indoor balls often have a longer lifespan compared to outdoor balls. This is because they can’t be utilized on rough surfaces like those found outdoors. In terms of outdoor pickleball balls, they can last up to a total of ten games if they are properly maintained.

Additionally, some players play more forcefully than others. The longevity of the ball will depend on how hard they strike it during the game. The ball will often last longer if people prefer to rally it close to the kitchen area.

What Is The Difference Between Yellow And Orange Pickleballs?

Most of the time, a color of a pickleball ball does not make it different than other colors. The difference lies if the ball is made for indoor or outdoor playing.

People may have thought that yellow and orange are different from each other because most of the time, outdoor pickleball balls are color orange, while indoor pickleball balls are color yellow.

However, it is important to keep in mind that these colors can interchange for each pickleball ball type. Hence, you need to carefully check the details of the balls and not depend on their color alone when buying.

What Are The Best Pickleball Balls To Use?

Now that you’ve learned everything about pickleball balls let’s look at the best brands you can consider buying for your next pickleball session.

Durafast 40 

When it comes to consistency in usage, Durafast 40 is the most time-tested pickleball brand in the country. In fact, this is among, if not the most used pickleball ball brands in official pickleball tournaments.

Even though Durafast 40 is hard and heavy, many players still choose to play with these brands because this is what tournaments utilize. If you’re a professional player or even aspiring to be one someday, practicing with Durafast 40 is a good option.

Core Pickleball Ball

The Core Pickleball Ball is guaranteed to last 5 times longer than the average pickleball ball. They are also available in bulk quantities, with up to 100 balls available in a single purchase.

Because they are constructed with over 40 holes, Core Pickleball can be used in all weather conditions. However, because the brand is only available in bulk quantities, it is not recommended for those looking for small quantities.

Jugs Indoor Pickleball

If you’re looking for a durable, good-bouncing indoor pickleball ball, then Jugs can be your best friend. This brand can even last a month before it loses its good bounce. The balls come in neon green or white color upon purchase.

Jugs is known to be a manufacturer of good sports products, and this pickleball ball is no exception. For people who want to buy in bulk, Jugs can definitely deliver.

Onix Pickleball Ball

Because pickleball balls normally have holes in them, infusing the correct weight is required to create the perfect balance once in mid-air. And Onix Pickleball is one of the brands that incorporate this weight into their products to prevent wobbling.

Furthermore, Onix is intended for aggressive play. It contains Bounce Technology and has a seam that prevents the ball from splitting.

The Onix pickleball ball is also welded so that the ball will not crack. It’s long-lasting, inexpensive, and simple to use. This brand, however, is not authorized for tournament use.

Wilson Pickleball Ball

Wilson has continuously improved their manufacturing process by utilizing more technology to bring good pickleball products into the market. The construction of their pickleball ball is infused with a unique molding process that enables better bounce and air distribution.

Aside from this, Wilson developed their pickleball balls using colors that are easy to track by the eyes. Neon green is among their best-selling colors. Ultimately, these balls have lower prices in the market.

Final Thoughts

The pickleball sport is indeed growing bigger and bigger through the years. Technology has made it possible to make the sport even more enjoyable and fun as it is. 

As the sport gains a growing demand, we also see an evolution of colors used in pickleball manufacturing. Chances are, more colors will be available soon in the market. But let us keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s more important to enjoy and live the sport no matter what the pickleball color is.

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